Together against Corona

Check how businesses are protecting you when you visit them

Go to Checkinout to find out what different companies and organizations with physical premises are doing to minimize the risk for you and others against Corona. This can be hand alcohol in the room, queue marks on the floor, information on how cleaning and wiping is done and any rules of conduct.

Check quickly if there is plenty of space right now, or if there are a lot of people. Avoid any queues. Those responsible for each location assess what the capacity looks like right now. On the map, you create a good image.

 Green: Plenty of space

 Yellow: Still room right now. 

 Red: Full, there may be some waiting time.

 Blue: For businesses where you book your appointment or service. For example hair dressers or hotels that are always open to their guests. On Checkinout they show what they do to protect you. 

 Gray: Closed right now, see opening hours.

Welcome to stores and premises where they care about your safety in these times.

For you who are welcoming customers and visitors

Maybe you have a shop, salon or other business where it can be crowded at times. You can now easily make it safe for your customers and visitors. People in risk groups get an opportunity to plan their shopping and their visits. You can tell when there is plenty of space and thus get visitors that you would never get otherwise.

With a simple control panel, you can show the current capacity of your premises.

It's free to create an account with up to three custom locations on the Checkinout map. It's easy to set up and easy to change what's displayed.
To create an account click here!

About us behind Checkinout

Checkinout is developed by BeamBop AB, a Swedish firm that delivers services for customer surveys in physical environments. Checkinout we do on frivilligbasis. Please mail us on if you would like to know more.